Actors Need More Than Just a Headshot: How you can also hone your image and build your brand

Updating headshots for our work is what we do.  Actors need headshots updated on a regular basis to be able to be seen for auditions and build a career in the industry. Many actors go and get a still shot that shows who they are and that they think will represent them. Yet, is this way of getting shots done and then sharing those images with agents, directors and casting directors the way to go?

I was talking to an actor client a while ago who was preparing to get updated headshots, yet was so confused about what to wear. I brought my client back to the point that actors need to be clear about the type of character they want to portray in order to put together the best outfit for a photo shoot. Actors need more than just a headshot from their photo shoots. 

When getting updated headshots it is essential to do your homework, know your type and study the characters you want to portray. You then begin to build your brand image including your style and the type of environments you love. It is important to also choose the photographer who can help you create your image and build your brand as an actor.

Branding is essential in today’s market as it is one thing that can truly represent you and the type of work you are more than capable of performing. Your brand image can help you book work that is meaningful to you and grow your career. Your image should not just be a headshot taken. Your new brand image needs to be an experience that elevates the work you bring to your audiences. 

If you are looking to hone your image and build your brand, get in touch with us. We have a photography experience that transforms careers and helps actors book more consistently paid work.

Your career is looking forward to a great brand image that helps you book more work.

Happy honing!

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