Yesterday while waiting for my car to be serviced at the dealership, I noticed an employee walk into the room where I was sitting to get coffee. I noticed how he walked into the room, his energy. He stepped into the room with his hands back, a straight spine and a slight bit of force in his step. He was full of confidence. It was refreshing to see his confidence. If he was a car salesman at that dealership, he was probably the top selling car salesman. If he was the head of finance at that dealership, he was probably the best head of finance. If he was the manager at that dealership, he was probably the most loved manager. That is how he carried himself and I recognized it. 

As I was sitting there I thought about confidence and how important it is to harness confidence when preparing for an audition, gearing up to perform a role and building a solid acting career.

Our belief in our skills and abilities shows up for us when we step into a room, even before we say a word. This is why confidence is important.

Confidence is trust in yourself and your ability to do what you set out to do. 

You must trust yourself and your own abilities if you are looking for a director or a casting director to feel secure in hiring you for a role. I know there are many times where we are given chances in life, yet I hope you start to build your career on trust and confidence versus chances. 

So what can you do to build your confidence?

  1. Know and understand that you are enough
  2. Create quotes or phrases that affirm that you are enough, write down and say these phrases aloud 10-20 times per day.
  3. Practice your skill and talent by taking classes or performing monologues in front of an audience weekly
  4. Practice your auditioning skills by booking and going on auditions

Building your confidence will definitely speak for you whenever you step into a room. You want others to also know that you are secure in your skills and abilities.

It is time to grow in confidence.


Paid Actor and Founder of Paid Actor

The Biggest Thing That Hold Actors Back

I ran into an actor the other day who spoke to me about the challenges he faces while working to create a paying career in the industry. He mentioned all of the training he received to help him build his craft. He shared his recent work with me and then he stated he was still uncertain if he could "really do this acting thing".

His words brought me to the many times, I have talked and worked with actors on this very same subject.

His words also brought me to the importance of sharing this story as I understand this situation all too well.

You see there was a time in my own career that I questioned my ability to be able to step out and really claim my space in a different market. I had just relocated to a different country and needed to familiarize myself with this new market. I went on audition after audition and wondered if I would even book a role as I did not speak the local languages nor could I speak the accent of the people of the country I was living in. 

I had to really get beyond my own thoughts to begin to build the career that I wanted and now I am an international actor who has been able to perform in fabulous productions and with fabulous people in different countries while getting paid. 

What I know is that the biggest thing that holds most actors back is our own thoughts about our talents and our abilities to take our careers to where we want them to be.

You know the quote "As a man thinketh within himself so is he."* In essence we become what we think as our thoughts form our beliefs and our beliefs shape our actions.

So if you are in the space of thinking you are not good enough or that you may not be able to make money in the industry or that you are a starving artist you will begin to develop all that you process and believe into your life.

The truth, your life and career does not have to go down that path. You definitely can reshape your thoughts and this is what I want to help you do in the first day of my Free Five Day Paid Actor Career Accelerator Challenge.

If reshaping your thought patterns to help you in your career connects with you, then join me here.

The Free Five Day Paid Actor Career Accelerator Challenge runs September 5-9, 2017 and will definitely reshape how you approach your acting business.

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With much Paid Actor love,

Paid Actor

*The quote is from The Book of Proverbs.

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