We are partnering with  fitness expert Dan Roberts to give you the insider scoop on healthy living and getting fit! We have featured Dan on Paid Actor Radio and have decided to partner with Dan Roberts Training to offer you the best home workout program.  Yes, it has been tested by Trena herself. It works; it's affordable; it's fun. Check it out and get fit! 





About The Fitness Guru

Dan is the Head Coach and Managing Director of Dan Roberts Personal Training Ltd, a boutique fitness & well being company based in Kensington, London. Dan has been coaching professionally since 1993 and has held full time strength and conditioning appointments in Syndey, Rio De Janeiro and New York. He has worked with numerous public figures including Royal families, Elite Athletes, Business Leaders, Hollywood based Actors and Supermodels. 

Dan is also the official Fitness Ambassador to three national charities: Rays of Sunshine, Sparks and Anorexia & Bulimia Care.


The Dan Roberts Method

The Dan Roberts Method is more like a health philosophy. A globally successful passion project, Methodoly X is a home fitness program to help you look and feel great. At Paid Actor, we think the greatest thing about Methodology X is the emphasis on feeling good about your body, which is the first step to health and well being.


About The Program

Methodology X is a home based progressive exercise guide. You will learn how to train properly, culminating in an unique variation of Supramaximal Interval training that infuses total body functional movement patterns. Methodology X is created by Dan Roberts, an experienced Strength & Conditioning Coach and renowned Personal Trainer.

Inspired with moves from Martial Arts Conditioning, Pilates, Plyometrics, Dance and Strength Training, this 21 day guide takes you by the hand and takes you on a journey of real athletic discovery. You will learn how to reconnect with your inner athlete while achieving a lean and healthy body.  A lot of thought went into the development of this program- Dan has designed it for you to gain maximal results in the shortest time.

The Methodology X workout has many layers: it will get you fit and tone in all the right places, reduce chance of injuries and significantly develop mind and body connection

Methodology X is not only a system of training, but also a guide in the truest sense. Every exercise is explained in terms of how and why. In addition, Dan Roberts and the Methodology X covermodel, Steph Carta, demonstrate every exercise for you via online videos that accompany the book. How cool is that?


What Others Are Saying About Dan Roberts

"personal Trainier to the Stars"

     -Vogue Esquire

"The A List Guru' & "The Supermodel Trainer"

     -Health & Fitness

"A Celebrity Strenght and Conditioning Coach"

     -Mens & Fitness

 "World Class Personal Trainer"

     -The Daily Telegraph

"Dan Roberts is on of Britain's Best"

     -The Sunday Times