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Day 1 - Why

I am passionate about helping actors and artists gain the confidence to do what they are here to do. I love helping my tribe explore, see possibilities, shift their perspectives and gain the confidence to live more fulfilled lives. I started Paid Actor to help actors fill the gap between where they are in their career to living the dream of having a thriving acting career.

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Day 2 - My Catalyst Moment

My catalyst moment in business happened in 2001 when I was teaching acting and modeling classes for a “talent agency,” While working at this agency, I learned that they were calling hundreds of kids, parents and young adults in to “audition” for a big name director, but what really happened was potential new talent was brought in as prospects to be sold on taking classes at that agency. At the time I heard about this process, I felt that one of my values, integrity, was not being honored. I felt the hurt of being taken advantage of and thought the way this company was going about securing “talent” was not something I wanted to be a part of. I knew that many rising actors wanted to build a career, yet they were being sold on the notion of fame and then offered something else when they showed up. I also knew that there were better ways for the actor to learn what they needed to build a career…a way that included empowerment and encouragement to make better choices…and the choice to choose this career because they felt fulfilled by the art and process and not just the fame. I decided to not return to teaching at that agency after my first session of classes ended. I think one of the reasons why I took that job was that I felt I needed financial validation for my career as an actor. I had to realize that my validation came through the fulfillment of my art form and of my desires. After leaving that job I did not know what I was going to do next, yet I knew I wanted to do something. I wanted to help artists move beyond obstacles in their careers and realize their dreams and a better life for themselves. I wanted artists to create and feel their own validation. This is why I created Bolden Management, LLC which led me to manage great artists like Joe Carter, Kenneth Caldwell and other fabulous artists who were able to do what they love and create income as artists all while making a huge impact in their communities. It also gave me a chance to be able to serve with integrity. I felt that I wanted to do this same kind of work with actors and this is why I launched Paid Actor—to help actors do what they love, create income as actors and make an impact in their communities. This is the work I am doing now and it brings me joy to see actors create more income and make the impact they want to make through their performances.

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Day 3 - Phoenix Move

Paid Actor was launched in 2013 and quickly rose garnering 36,000 radio show listens and building our following for the work were were doing. In the Fall of 2014, I, Trena, was in a car accident as I was T-boned by another car, yet walked away without a broken bone. Even though I looked healthy on the outside, I was not healthy on the inside. I walked around in a mind fog for months not understanding why I was so upset or why I seemed to get irritated easily. I just wasn’t able to think clearly or do my work as efficiently as before. I even stopped airing the Paid Actor Radio show and publishing the magazine due to being unable to mentally process what to do next when the show was regularly interrupted from thunderstorms during the time of our scheduled shows and tapings and when I needed to find another way of publishing the magazine to keep costs down. I was deeply frustrated with the situation and myself because I felt like I just could not pull it together. Our work slowed down and I wondered if Paid Actor would be able to continue in the ways that I envisioned it, helping actors advance and create thriving acting careers. I took some time to write and to heal and in 2016, I decided that I was going to give more to this work and create more opportunities to serve actors in deeper ways. I hired a business coach. I continued to act and teach acting classes and in 2017, I made more connections and worked with more actors than the previous years combined. Though it honestly was slow going for a time, I did not let the accident and my process stop Paid Actor. I did take time to take care of my health. I created and came back to work pulling out all the stops to create a better service for actors. This year, I coached actors one on one, spoke to actors about ways to create thriving acting careers, we helped actors build their brands, launched the first session of the Paid Actor Career Accelerator Coaching Program- helping actors to walk through our process of booking more paid gigs and creating a thriving career. The radio show is returning July 30, 2018 and we are continuing to help actors build their confidence and create more opportunities for themselves. We have a vision and mission to accomplish and we are rising to the place where we are meant to serve.

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Day 4 - What I Do!

I inspire actors to reimagine what is possible and then create all of that juicy goodness in their careers.

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Day 5 - Who I Work With

I’m looking for 10 actors who feel frustrated, that you not booking enough gigs and are having a hard time getting a callback. I am here to help you turn it all around. Are you one of them? Schedule a time to talk with me about your goals and how I can help you reach them.

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Day 6 - The Foundation of Paid Actor's Culture & Credo

I am a creative explorer advocating for you while inspiring you to your greatness. 

I believe all actors need support, love, encouragement and the space to live inspired lives. I want actors to realize their dreams and do work that excites them.

Right now, you are working hard and not booking the work. Which brings about feelings of not being good enough or that you are not doing enough.

You can shift your circumstances. You can create your dreams, do meaningful work and have a thriving career. 

I can help you imagine what is possible in your acting career and then create all of that juicy goodness in your line of work. Having paid acting gigs lined up is possible for you. 

My clients have reported booking paid gigs after working with me. I strongly believe I am here to help you get clear, take action and book consistent paid acting gigs. 

If you are ready to realize your dream and do more of what excites you, schedule a strategy session with me. Sign up here!

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Day 7 - Take Inspired Action Today!

The other day I shared with you my catalyst moment which happened when I was thinking about stopping all of the beautiful work I did with Paid Actor. Here is a brief recap, I had a moment to reflect and was able to get open and honest feedback and decided to not give up. I decided to pick up where I left off. I decided to continue booking paid acting gigs and help actors create the career they have been dreaming about. In getting back “in the saddle” I shifted the trajectory of my life and career. I moved from worrying about what people would think about me and allowing my values to be violated to doing and making sure I am creating deeply meaningful and purposeful experiences in my life and the lives of others.

People see me as an actor who helps other actors book consistent paid acting gigs, yet what I really do is guide actors in visualizing what is possible and then create all of that juicy goodness in their career and lives. 

If you are an actor looking to build your career and book consistent paid acting gigs, then set up a time to talk with me about you who can go from frustration to being a consistently paid actor.

It is time to take that next step and begin to make your dreams a reality.