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Day 1 - My Why

My family is full of loving individuals who are all very talented in some aspect of art; sewing, visual art, culinary arts, dancing…the list continues, yet some members did not take action to be able to express their art fully and perform their artistic dreams. There were also very tragic life circumstances that took them further away from achieving their dreams and I also believe that they did not know how to forge their own paths as artists. 

The members who did not pursue their artistic dreams ended up in conventional careers, worked to pay bills and take care of their own growing families-a noble and respectable act. 

I also wonder how much more could they have achieved for humanity if they had understood their own artistry and forged their own creative paths. 

I decided to forge my own path as an actor, and also help other actors build their careers. I do the latter because I know what it looks and feels like when a very creative artist does not live up to their potential and purpose in life. There is a sense of sadness…something missing that they themselves cannot describe in words.

Performance Art is meant to help change the world. When we don’t act upon that artistic impulse within, we miss our opportunity to create our legacy. This is why I encourage other actors to do what they are here to do through my coaching, programs and services. I want actors to feel loved, supported, inspired and encouraged. I want actors to realize their dreams and do work that excites them.

We are all here to understand and perform our purposes and create work that changes the world. When we understand this and when we perform our talents and purpose, our legacy lives on to greatly and positively impact generations to come.

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Day 2 - My Catalyst Moment

My business and life changed with anger and tears about how I had been half-way showing up in my business. It was October of 2017 months after I decided that since I wasn't doing the work, I might as well throw in the towel. The issue with that was my heart still quickened when I talked about this work. I sat in the MoPro Boardroom, in a room full of people with Jen Kem asking me "what are the tears for?" We both knew it was because of me being upset with myself for walking away. At that moment, I decided that I needed to pick up where I left off. To break out of the shock and disappointment, pick up that baton and continue my race to helping myself and my tribe. I heard my coach, I heard the crowd, I saw my audience and I gained the strength necessary to take my career to where I want it to be and to help others do the same. I am a Paid Actor who helps other actors book consistent paid acting gigs and create a thriving career.

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Day 3 - Phoenix Move

After sharing my thoughts and feelings in October. I remembered all of the good work I had done, the many clients I served and how I helped my clients hone their craft, book paid acting gigs, complete projects and deeply understand what they are here to do. I then had a coaching call with one of my clients and was able to help this client organize and articulate what they wanted and needed to create the career they wanted to create. I was re-invigorated! I deeply realized the significance of what I have to contribute. I felt like I was open to helping actors book consistent paid acting gigs and create the career they have been dreaming about. I decided in that moment, that I was going to run my business and run it consistently and fearlessly. I then had one client return for branding assistance and another client return for our photography experience. November 2017 brought in three times more income than I made in the previous three months combined. I took action, created a new program and began sharing my program information with my audience. Today, I am launching my program on branding. I have also booked paid acting gigs in my own career that have expanded my network. I am so grateful that I decided to pick up where I left off. Taking action has bought me joy, assurance, more connections and definitely more income.

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Day 4 - What I Do!

I am a present and soul stirring guide who helps actors imagine what is possible and then create all of that juicy goodness in their lives.

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Day 5 - Who I Work With

I’m looking for 10 actors who feel frustrated, that you not booking enough gigs and are having a hard time getting a callback. I am here to help you turn it all around. Are you one of them? Schedule a time to talk with me about your goals and how I can help you reach them.

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Day 6 - The Foundation of Paid Actor's Culture & Credo

I am a creative explorer advocating for you while inspiring you to your greatness. 

I believe all actors need support, love, encouragement and the space to live inspired lives. I want actors to realize their dreams and do work that excites them.

Right now, you are working hard and not booking the work. Which brings about feelings of not being good enough or that you are not doing enough.

You can shift your circumstances. You can create your dreams, do meaningful work and have a thriving career. 

I can help you imagine what is possible in your acting career and then create all of that juicy goodness in your line of work. Having paid acting gigs lined up is possible for you. 

My clients have reported booking paid gigs after working with me. I strongly believe I am here to help you get clear, take action and book consistent paid acting gigs. 

If you are ready to realize your dream and do more of what excites you, schedule a strategy session with me. Sign up here!

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Day 7 - Take Inspired Action Today!

The other day I shared with you my catalyst moment which happened when I was thinking about stopping all of the beautiful work I did with Paid Actor. Here is a brief recap, I had a moment to reflect and was able to get open and honest feedback and decided to not give up. I decided to pick up where I left off. I decided to continue booking paid acting gigs and help actors create the career they have been dreaming about. In getting back “in the saddle” I shifted the trajectory of my life and career. I moved from worrying about what people would think about me and allowing my values to be violated to doing and making sure I am creating deeply meaningful and purposeful experiences in my life and the lives of others.

People see me as an actor who helps other actors book consistent paid acting gigs, yet what I really do is guide actors in visualizing what is possible and then create all of that juicy goodness in their career and lives. 

If you are an actor looking to build your career and book consistent paid acting gigs, then set up a time to talk with me about you who can go from frustration to being a consistently paid actor.

It is time to take that next step and begin to make your dreams a reality.